Kalyka-Malyka® brand has made a website

The website http://www.kalaka-malaka.ru/ has been launched to promote effectively the Kalyaka-Malyaka® brand to customers.

Its primary audience is modern advanced parents of the kids aged from 3 to 10 who use actively the internet as a source of helpful information for training children. New articles will be published for them about how to form & develop children’s creative potential as well as how to open their abilities. Experienced psychologists will give the young parents their advice. Lectures & master classes will show how to help the kids make their first masterpieces. Parents will find in the current catalog of the Kalyaka-Malyaka® brand products the necessary children’s stationery & will know where to buy it. The brand news issuing regularly wont allow one miss a unique novelty in the Kalyaka-Malyka® line.

We never forget babies too. With their parent’s help they will be able to listen to their favorite audio fairy tales & watch popular cartoons. It will be easy to keep any small fidgeter at the PC thanks to the bright & cheerful design of the site that is fit completely the Kalyaka-Malyaka® brand spirit.

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