Drawing contest Kalyaka-Malyaka has united thousands of kids

FARM Ltd. summed up the child drawing &craft contest Kalyaka-Malyaka, which was attended by thousands of children.
The competition was held on the company shop website that’s why a lot of children from different regions were involved. According to the terms the contestants had to present a free composition drawing or craft. The kids coped with the task well.
Preschoolers & primary school pupils performed the task with imagination. Some of them just drew & made crafts; the other made compositions & built towns on the top of the watercolour drawings. The kids gave the volume to the buildings not only paper applications but also used autumn leaves, cotton, foam & modeling clay for their masterpieces.
There were so many fine works that the organizers could not be confined to only three prizes, & created additional nominations. As a result of increased prize fund hundreds of kids got awards, prizes & presents.